Length: 1 hr 15 mins

No Intermission

Reela Hota: Classical Dance, Odissi

Lipsa Dash: Indian Classical Dance, Odissi

Sudarshan Sahoo: Indian Classical Dance, Odissi

Bogdan Canilla: First Soloist, Ballet

Christina Dijmaru: Prime Ballerina, Ballet

Andrea Ionette: First Soloist, Ballet

Maestro: Rajan Mishra & Swaraansh Mishra

Recorded Language: Sanskrit

Sanskrit - The Mantra Bhasha

A blend of the Indian classical dances, Odissi, and Western Classical ballet on the healing aspect of ancient languages in particular, Sanskrit. Premiered at the Ashok Banquet Hall, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 2013

The Philosophy

Sanskrit language is a device, not necessarily medium of communication. Most of the other languages were made up because we had to refer to something. Initially, they started with just a handful of words and then multiplied them into complex forms. But Sanskrit is a discovered language.

When you utter a sound, a form is being created. There is a whole science of using sounds in a particular way so that it creates the right kind of form. We can create powerful forms by uttering sounds in certain arrangements. This is known as the Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound. If you have mastery over the sound you also have mastery over the form that is attached to it.

In ancient India, Oum was considered to be the first primordial sound that was created. Nasa has recorded the sound the sun in deep space and compressed the inaudible waves so that human ears can hear it. The sound is precisely as ancient Indians had described it in the Vedas thousands of years ago as OUM.

Aum is the first mantra but all Sanskrit letters are mantras and can be used in their own right. In fact each letter is called ASHARA which means imperishable and is the eternal sounds that is reverberating in the cosmos as extremely subtle frequencies. These AKSHARAAS and SHABDAS or Sanskrit letters and words are related to energy centre’s which in turn are connected to the brain and can alter awareness.

To showcase the profound wisdom of Ancient India, a collaborative dance production of odissi & western classical ballet on ‘SANSKRIT-THE MANTRA BHASHA’, was presented.

Words of Wisdom

  • "The very sound of the Sanskrit is musical."